MaxDriving Beta (web game)

Dominate the world of street racing


  • Goog presentation
  • Very detailed
  • New way to plan races


  • No visualization of races
  • Too much waiting

Not bad

MaxDriving is a 'freemium' browser game, free to play with some premium elements. Work your way to the top of the street racing ranks, buying and tuning cars, managing drivers and joining teams.

MaxDriving is not an action game. The racing part sees you using a stick shift to choose your speed at various points on the track. The race then takes place and you see the result, which depends on your car stats, and your race plan.

The presentation is all very slick and, unusually for this type of resource management game, there are ample instructions and help. MaxDriving is very much geared towards boys, with some pretty stereotyped illustrations of women.

Some players might find the enforced waiting irritating - you might have to wait 25 minutes until a race starts, and if you miss it, you have to wait again. While MaxDriving features none of the high-octane action of racing games, for fans of online management, it's not bad.

MaxDriving is a well presented online management game, but it fails to really grasp the excitement of real life street racing



MaxDriving Beta (web game)

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